Matthew I. Berger
Matthew I. Berger,
Founder and Principal Attorney

General Counsel with Over 42 Years in Practice

With an Emphasis in Trademark, Copyright, and Entertainment Law

The Matthew I. Berger Law Group, located in Santa Barbara, acts as outside general counsel for a variety of small, midsized and maturing clients with a tailored approach to client needs.

From the initial formation of a business through a full range of business-related services, the firm brings its wealth of knowledge over 42 years to handle cases and business transactions for prominent clients.

The firm's practice areas include entertainment, publishing, music, film, literature, fine art, Internet and eCommerce, sales, manufacturing, technology, and service industries, with an emphasis in trademarks, copyrights, licensing, digital rights and games, trade secret protection, Internet privacy policies, terms of use, intellectual property issues, and business organizations and operations. The firm also provides services to individuals interested in estate planning and needing representation in other legal matters. Intellectual property and business law are the most sought after aspects of the firm's practice.

Located in Santa Barbara, California, the Matthew I. Berger Law Group serves clients in Santa Barbara County and throughout California.

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Our Areas of Practice

  • Entertainment:
    Film, traditional and digital publishing, music, literary, interactive, mobile and digital devices, merchandising, photography and fine art.
  • Business:
    Business organizations, entity formation, and operations; employment; licensing; eCommerce, Internet legal issues and compliance; and contracts.

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  • Intellectual Property:
    Trademarks, copyrights, trade secret protection, Internet privacy policies, terms of use and intellecual property issues
  • Trusts, Estate Planning, Wills, and Probate:
    Trust and will drafting, trust administration, and probate for estates of all sizes and complexities.