Clients Served

Over the past 42 years the Matthew I. Berger Law Group has served a diverse range of clientele in the Santa Barbara and Carpinteria areas, as well as throughout California, and acts as outside general counsel for start ups, small, medium, and maturing companies, and loves working with entrepreneurs! Businesses and clients served include:

Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.

"I have a saying at my agency to help my passionate professional clients: "do what you do best and pay others to do the rest." Matthew Berger helped me secure my trademarks and protect my brand identity, allowing me to do what I do best (marketing!) while he does his unique ability (law!). Matthew Berger has supported Web Marketing Therapy with everything from trademark protection, contract advisory, incorporation changes and morale support. Matthew is part of our company family. I adore him, respect him tremendously and am so grateful to have him on my team."

-Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO, Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.

Chocolats du CaliBressan, Inc.

"Returning from France and ready to begin another phase in our lives, Jean-Michel and I began looking for legal representation as we started our ‘Chocolatrie’. Unfamiliar with the area or people, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Matthew. He has been not only beneficial in helping us with his legal knowledge, but also a dedicated friend and client who gives back generously to his community. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone needing any of the variety of services he offers."

-Jill-Marie and Jean-Michel Carré, Chocolats du CaliBressan, Inc.

Women’s Economic Ventures

"Matthew's style is calm and low-key yet firm. I appreciated that he was able to negotiate a positive resolution to our problem in a friendly, professional and non-confrontational style. His work was always timely, he kept me in the loop and he persisted until we got the outcome we wanted."

-Marsha Bailey, Founder and CEO, Women’s Economic Ventures

Jinco (Official)

"The Matthew I. Berger Law Group has been an amazing law firm to work with over the past 9 years. Matthew has an incredible knowledge of the law and will always go out of his way to help you understand what things mean. He has worked on everything including music publishing deals, music label contracts, and management deals, and I feel very blessed to work with such a great lawyer. Matthew is always a joy to work with, and I highly recommend hiring him for any of your attorney needs."

-Jinco Official Inc.

Gail Knight

"Matthew Berger's deep and thorough understanding of the federal copyright statute, as well as his capability to grasp the subtle nuances of the twenty years of litigation my family has suffered through were remarkable to a seasoned Plaintiff/Defendant. Throughout a dreadful experience in court, and having already lost on a summary judgment while I was representing myself and my husband, Matthew Berger was brave enough to step in. Mr. Berger soldiered on with calm, integrity and a respect for the court. I'll never know how he managed to do it. His performance was a master class in honesty, dignity, knowledge of the law, and compassion. Many lawyers choose the law for all the wrong reasons; either to win, or to line their pockets, or even just to prove some unknown thing. But not Matthew Berger. He chose the law because he loves the law. And that is the right question to ask a lawyer before you hire them. Just ask them why they chose the law. Ask Matthew Berger. Then hire him. Even though we lost, I have no regrets that we chose to work with Mr. Berger."

-Gail Knight